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#元世代・讓品牌飛 I The Brand as memory I Episodic memory I values, dreams and self conception. 

The brand as a memory ✨

By constructing a brand as a memory you get a better tool for managing your brand. The clever thing is that you actually start at the end. In order to be able to manage your brand over time you construct a Brand Memory Identity. This is a description of the ideal memory your customer should have of your brand. This is someone who wouldn't imagine buying anything else other than your brand, he preaches your excellence to everyone he knows, and is prepared to pay a little extra for your brand. That's what all your customers should be like, right?

When you have defined the end state, the rest is just about backing your way from that point to now. What does your customer need to experience to get the kind of brand memory that you would like him to have?

Our brains actually have three different memory systems.

One is called the Semantic memory which remembers factual knowledge.

The second is called Procedural memory and enables us to develop skills and habits.

The third is called Episodic memory which consists of memories about who we are, values, dreams and self conception.

Your Brand Memory Identity should be constructed to include all three of these memory systems, although you may want to emphasize one system over the other - depending on what your competitor's brands are like.


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