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God knows your heart

God knows your heart...

The Church may be closed,

But your heart is his dwelling place.

Leave its door open to Him, and your joy will know no limits.

Your life is a gift from Him...

Spend it in ways that revere Him.

By doing so, you will become an offering pleasing to Him, and those around you will feel the joy of your company.

You were created out of love and for love. You are meant to be a blessing:

A blessing to your Community, a blessing to the people. It is in reloading yourself with the Word of God that you will enrich your words and will fulfill His mission with understanding and love.

Hardships and tribulations may bring you down. It is our human nature. But He who bore the Cross before you sees you as a friend and a disciple. Follow Him. He will never let you down. It is a matter of Faith!

You may be confused right now. Again, it is part of our human condition. But the worst virus is the one that "poisons" our relationship with the Lord. Stay connected to Him:

Your Church is closed, but He comes to you in different ways: via online mode for example...Praise Him, for He is nearer than you can possibly imagine.

Glorify His name, for He will never abandon you. He is present in your heart. He lives in a friend or through a relative...When you strengthen the "least", you make His love visible. When you say a nice word to the "last", you share His joy. When you care for the "lost", you follow the message of Christ, the Good Shepherd. When you unite His people, you practice His teaching: that all be ONE (John 17: 21).

"Remain in Me as I remain in you", says John 15: 4.

We need this now more than ever...

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