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Happiness can be a choice. #7tips🌻

When we start thinking about our happiness, we can't help but see how many unhappy people there are in the world. With the mass exposure to SOCIAL MEDIA , we regularly watch and read about people’s tragedies and unhappiness.

However, happiness can be a choice. Although everybody wants to be happy, NOT everybody chooses happiness. The desire for happiness alone isn't enough. It's our every day’s conscious choice to leave sadness behind that matters.

Below are 7 things that HAPPY PEOPLE do every day. Which of them do you do too?

1: You focus on the things you have, not the things you lack.

Gratefulness is what separates happy individuals from unhappy individuals. Being grateful and appreciating for the things you have releases the hormone serotonin ( 血清素) which is responsible for your happiness. On the contrary, ungratefulness leads towards deep unhappiness.

2. You only want what you can have.

Many unhappy people can't be happy because they want something that they cannot have at the moment. Happy people are always searching for the source of their wishes. If they desire a material thing, they ask themselves: Do I really need it? Next time you feel like you are the only one in the world who is not living their ‘dream’ life, remember what you already have.

3. You are generous.

Generous people tend to look on the bright side. They're selfless and ready to offer a helping hand to anybody in need. Because of that trait, they see the core of things and people. Since they notice only the good in others, they are happier themselves.

4. You know that happiness isn't a final destination.

When it comes to happiness, it's the journey that matters, not the destination. You learn how to enjoy the ride without worrying about the destination you desire to reach. Many experts would agree that the happiest people are never truly conscious of their happiness. It's a thing that comes naturally to them. They aren't aware of their happiness as they don’t have to be- it's a normal state for them.

5. You slow down sometimes.

No matter how cliché it sounds; we all need to start appreciating the little things in our lives. Even if you're a workaholic, schedule some time from your day simply to do nothing. You can also find a hobby that you love. Dedicate some time to do the things you like will clear your mind and energy from all the negativity you collect through a busy day.

6.You are always willing to forgive.

As a happy person, you forgive yourself and others as well. You do not want to burden yourself with negativity and resentment with others' mistakes. That is why you choose to forgive others and move on. And you forgive yourself too. You forgive your failures, your wrong choices, your mistakes. This is what makes you at peace with yourself and truly happy at your core.

7.You want to add significance to the world.

This is a trait that only genuine people possess. You want to make the world a better place for living because you love, respect and appreciate the gift of life. You are in love with life and feel like your existence matters; that makes you one of the most fulfilled individuals in the world.


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