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Racism is not a Skin problem, but sin.

We all share the same roots racially, and God's plan for humanity is for us to live in unity, both in the kingdom and in society at large. However, when God's truth is delivered to sinful individuals, they distort it, as demonstrated in the realm of race relations , which has resulted in the oppression of some races by others who regard themselves as superior.

Racism is the unjust treatment of individuals based on their skin color or ethnic origin. It entails the wrongful use of power against people towards whom we possess prejudice, which serves as the emotional foundation of discrimination. Racism is equally reprehensible, regardless of whether it is practiced by whites against blacks, blacks against Hispanics, Hispanics against Asians, or any other combination thereof. It is an offense to God's character, and His response to racism is never racism in reverse.

The issue of racism has spread like a cancer and infiltrated the very fabric of American society, making it nearly impossible to pinpoint and address the source of the problem. Every effort to combat this evil seems to result in frustration as it resurfaces elsewhere. Countless workshops, seminars, and symposia have not yielded a cure for this cultural cancer.

Why has this evil proven so difficult to eradicate? Because racism is not primarily a skin problem, but rather a sin problem. If you view racism as a skin problem, you can spend three hundred years grappling with slavery, court judgments , marches, and government involvement and still not resolve it correctly.

However, if you acknowledge that racism is a sin problem , as a believer, you are obligated to deal with it immediately. As long as race remains a social issue rather than a spiritual one, it will never be fully resolved.

"The one who says he is in the Light and yet hates his brother is in the darkness until now.” 1 John 2:9

🙌🏽Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, create in me a heart of love for my brothers and sisters in Christ, and help me to show that love to them in ways that reflect Your glory and bring You pleasure. AMEN

STEPHEN x chatG🐽🐽

JULY 26 2023

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