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Useful common 10 prompts for IDEOGRAM #AIGC #SocialWedia

Prompt 1

the word “2024” is shaped like a Chinese dragon, logo, very simple design, vector style, compelling, transformation, twist assembly.

Prompt 2

Text, letter ” J ” in one line, one word, no spaces, creative colorful sign made of smokes and herbs, black background, artistic, ultra-realistic, smoke effect, incredible details, rich colors, high quality, in the style of Dan Mumford and Daniel Merriam, 3D rendering.

Prompt 3

3D HDMI quality 4D hyperrealistic negative of ( Ultra-long exposure negative photography ) stunningly digital artwork of a full body dancing woman made of the word "Faith" the image is complementary color

Prompt 4

a boy with flag of Israel tied on his back and a Palestinian boy with flag of Palestinian Holding each other with a friendly Hug with war in the background. Both with bare foot. Photo is taken from child back.

Prompt 5

Logo design , " happiness is homemade" , creative design , black background

Prompt 6

Everything is made out of crochet, neighbourhood suburbs, cinematic, miniature

Prompt 7

A visually captivating minimalist artwork featuring a sad guy in grief with golden and copper silhouetted tones against a creative combination of bold, vibrant colors. Emphasize simplicity and elegance, with clean lines and minimal detail. Capture the essence of modern minimalism, allowing for negative space to enhance the overall composition. Foreign art, figurative art, ultra minimal line art silhouette

Prompt 8

text: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joseph "; 3D made of cute wool, creative background, black tone

Prompt 9

Create eye-catching double-exposure photos that seamlessly blend the presence of man and the spectacle of the ocean. Capturing the harmony between the human form and the sea, using light and shadow to emphasize the connections between them and create visually compelling narratives., wildlife photography, painting, cinematic, photo, vibrant, conceptual art, dark fantasy, portrait photography

Prompt 10

coloring page for adults, saxophonist with detailed sax, illustration, the lines are green

‭‭✨Reference Sources✨


1:Xavier Kwok 2017

2:Ai GenArtisty


4:AI ChristMedia



7:Cultivate Imagination





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