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Learn To Be a Good Father #FathersDay


🧡 Learn To Be a Good Father 🧡

1: HUG. A lot. Make sure they’re good quality hugs of six seconds or more. Here’s why. If your kids are older and hug-averse, try high-fives instead and work up to hugs. ( Indeed, Yau hugs me more 😚)

2: APOLOGIZE. If you lost your temper and raised your voice, tell your child you’re sorry and that you’ll try to do better next time. If they were trying to tell you something and you weren’t paying attention, apologize and ask them if they’ll tell you again. (Sorry Yauyau 😔) 3: STOP and PLAY. When you sit down and just play for a few minutes – no smartphones, no multitasking – your child will light up. ( Yau always “request”me few hours play indeed 🤪) 4: SAY SOMETHING POWERFUL. Remind your child of your unconditional love by saying it out loud on a regular basis. You can say “You are important to me” or “I feel so lucky to be your dad” or just “I love you”and Jesus loves us .😇 5: LOOK THROUGH PHOTOS. Whether you have a physical photo album or a folder of pictures on your mobile/computer, sit down together and look through family photos. Relive fun family vacations, your kids’ first steps, and birthday parties. ( I always tease her by showing some ugly shots 🤣) 6:START rough-housing or a PILLOW FIGHT. Research shows this kind of play builds emotional intelligence and brings joy for kids – yes, even girls ( We start thai-style fight recently 🤼‍♂️) 🥊 7: READ BIBLE DAILY ( better start with PROVERBS) As we read the Bible together, we learned that it was difficult to be passive. We started becoming active students of God’s Word and saw how relevant it is to life.⛳️ ☝🏾 Happy Father's Day 👨🏻‍🦰👨🏿‍🦳🧔🏼👴🏼👴🏿🧔👨🏻‍🦳

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