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Respect is a smile of appreciation.

Respect Others by Showing Appreciation .

Expressing APPRECIATION for the people you live/work with, communicating to them that they are valued members of the family / organization, helps them feel respected.

So how do you show people you appreciate them? You can start by learning as much as you can about the people you live/work with.

Another way to show appreciation is by letting people know that you CARE about them. REJOICE with them when they are joyful and express your SYMPATHY when they are troubled. If you know someone has been putting in extra effort on an important stuff/project, tell them you are aware that it has been a tough couple of weeks and you appreciate all of their hard work.

Do the people you live / work with know how much you appreciate them?

Are you sure? Why not make sure by getting to know them better, by showing that you CARE, and by directly telling them what you APPRECIATE about them.

Respect ,is a smile of Appreciation !

cheers 🥂

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