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a poem of a digital missionary

Amidst the flicker of screens and pixels,

A modern pilgrim doth embark,

A digital missionary, bold and nimble,

To spread the word and light the dark.

In a world of noise and endless chatter,

He doth seek to find a voice,

To share the truth that really matters,

And guide the lost to make a choice.

With a keyboard and a steady hand,

He doth journey through the net,

To lead the way to a promised land,

And help humanity forget.

Forget the doubts and fears that bind,

And seek the light that shines within,

For in this quest, we all may find,

The grace to live and love again.

So let us praise these digital saints,

Who serve the Lord with hearts so true,

And may their mission never faint,

To guide us all to what is new.

Aug 1 , 2023


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